Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Harlem Shake?!?!

I had a particular post planned for today, but I came across an urgent matter that required my attention.

If you participate in the latest of trends, then I'm sure you've come across the "Harlem Shake". If not, it's basically a 30-40 second video of people sitting in a room one second, then jumping up and wiggling their arms around or doing some other random movement the next, all while music that I'm sure is dubstep (unless there's something else I have yet to catch on to) with a person that may be speaking Spanish in the beginning and then says, "do the Harlem Shake" right before the randomness. This has become a viral trend on the internet:

While watching these, I had a thought in my mind that I've heard of the Harlem Shake before. So I asked my mom, "doesn't the Harlem Shake go like this?" as I performed the Harlem Shake dance I am familiar with. She said yes, and we couldn't figure out how it went from this:

To this (this one is pretty cool though):

Do these people even know where/what Harlem is? That must really be a hard dance to master if this is the outcome. According to the Urban dictionary, the Harlem Shake is:

"An eccentric upper body dance move that involves the shaking of the upper torso and shoulders."

I guess people took the definition a bit too literally. I've read a few different explanations as to how this "dance" was created (I do know it started early this February  :-|) to the point of being viral, but if you have a definite reference to how this came about, please share it with me. Do you think this dance is as awesome as  others of the world portray it to be? In my opinion, the fact that it's so simple and mindless makes it easy for anyone to do, therefore it is fun. I myself prefer the original Harlem Shake... the first one... from the 20th century. But at least this one has both versions. :-/

Don't just take my word for it. See for yourself how people from Harlem feel about the "Harlem Shake":

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